Signing Up

First step - Sign Up! You'll perform some basic configuration at this point, like setting how much memory and disk space your server should have.

Booting your VPS

After you've signed up successfully, your server will automatically start. Once it is online, you're able to log into it and start using it. You can also log into mPanel, our amazing control panel.

To access mPanel, just click "Login" at the top of the BinaryLane website. You will need to enter your username and password that you submitted during the signup process.

Connecting to your server

Natively connecting to your BinaryLane server will give you the best performance - use Remote Desktop for Windows systems, or SSH for Linux. 

You can access your server directly via the mPanel web interface as well - useful for maintenance or emergency recovery.

Software Updates

It is critical to ensure that all software on your server is updated regularly. If you don't run the latest versions of core system software and applications your system is at much greater risk of being hacked or compromised - putting your data and services at risk. 


Schedule Windows Update to automatically run at regular intervals.


Update your system with aptitude, the Debian package management system.

apt-get update 
apt-get upgrade

Use apticron to help notify you when updates are required. 


yum update