By default your BinaryLane server will be configured to allow Administrative access via Remote Desktop.

The credentials to connect to your server are presented when your server is created, or are emailed to you.

The following instructions should work in most editions of Windows.

  1. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Remote Desktop. (In Windows 8, just hit the Windows key and start typing 'Remote Desktop' until the appropriate link appears). If you don't have a copy of Remote Desktop Client, you can download a copy here
  2. You should see a prompt asking for Computer and Username.
  3. Click Options, which will expand the dialog to show more various settings.
  4. In 'Computer', enter the IP address assigned to your BinaryLane server You can find this in mPanel; simply log in and click Dashboard and look for the IP address.
  5. In User name enter "Administrator".
  6. Check Allow me to save credentials
  7. Click Save As, and save to your desktop.
  8. Click Connect.
  9. A dialog will pop up warning you that potential connections may harm your computer. Simply click Ok for now.
  10. A dialog will pop up asking for your Administrator password, enter your password.
  11. You may receive another dialog warning you about an invalid certificate. Ignore this dialog and click Yes.

For further instructions on setting up your Windows server, visit our IIS Guide.

As with all passwords, please ensure you select a strong password and keep it secure.