RDC with Mac OSX

In this article we run through connecting to a Windows server, using the Remote Desktop Connection Client on an Intel-based Mac.

Log into mPanel and navigate to the Remote Desktop page for your server. You'll find Remote Desktop under the Access menu.

Follow the instructions on the Remote Desktop page and download the .rdp file for Mac OS X to your desktop.

Next, download the Remote Desktop Connection Client from the Microsoft website. 

Once the file has downloaded, open it up and run through the install process.

Once complete, open the .rdp file that you downloaded above. You should see the following window.


You may get a security warning dialogue about sharing your local hard disks with a Windows-based computer. You can check the option so you aren't presented with this warning when connecting to your server any more.


Click Connect. If you are connecting to a Windows Server 2003 server you might see a warning about verifying the identity of the VPS. You can safely ignore this and click Connect again.


You should now see a login prompt for your Windows server. Enter your login details.


If all has gone well, you've logged in and you should now be at the desktop of your server.

You can close the Remote Desktop window - if you do this, you'll get a notification that applications on your VPS will continue to run. This means you can disconnect from your server and have any applications continue to run as normal. Note that if you want applications to end, you need to shut them down manually before closing your Remote Desktop window.