Linux / Mac OS X / Other UNIX-esque OSs

Customers running Mac OS X or Linux can use the SSH client that is available already on these operating systems.

Windows 10 now has an optional SSH client which can be installed using its 'Manage Optional Features' facility. You can still use another SSH client if you prefer, as outlined below.


The easiest option for Windows users to use SSH is to download PuTTY, a free, open source SSH client for Windows.

Download PuTTY locally and start it up. You'll see the standard configuration screen:

Enter your BinaryLane server's IP address or hostname in the "Host Name" field and then click "Open" to connect.

You'll receive a warning that the host's key is unknown at this time - this is normal when you connect to a new host. Click "Yes" to proceed and it will cache the SSH key, so you won't see this again.

You'll then be prompted for a username and password, at which point you can log in with the credentials that were provided when your server was created.

Recommended reading for additional SSH security: SSH Keys - Connecting with PuTTY