If you have an existing BinaryLane server that you would like to clone onto another server on a different BinaryLane account, follow these steps. We'll be cloning a Ubuntu server in this guide, but the process is the same for other operating systems, including Windows Server;

The following steps assume the accounts and servers are named Account A, which has the server that needs to be cloned Server A, and the target account and server named Account B, and Server B.

1. Log into Account A, and browse to the Backups & ISOs page of Server A, and create a new temporary backup

2. When the backup has been created, browse to the Download tab, and copy the download link for the compressed backup

3. Log into Account B, and first make sure there is a server(we'll call Server B) with at least the same, or larger disk than Server A, and preferably the same operating system as Server A, that you want to restore the Server A backup onto

4. Browse to the Backups & ISOs page of Server B, go to the Upload tab, and select the 'Upload will:' option to 'Create new temporary image', and 'Upload from:' 'HTTP server'

Enter the download link of the compressed backup of Server A that was copied in step 2 into the 'HTTP URL:' field, which should look similar to the image below. 

Click the Start Upload button to proceed


5. Once the upload process is complete, browse to the Reinstall page for Server B

6. In the 'Source:' drop-down menu, select the temporary backup that was just uploaded from the list

Check the box to confirm 'I have backed up all my files to another server', then click Reinstall

When the reinstall process is complete, Server B now has an exact copy of Server A's backup, and the correct network configuration for Server B already applied