In June 2019 cPanel announced a move to new "account-based pricing" (full announcement, displayed prices are in USD).  The new licensing model has multiple plan levels based on the number of cPanel accounts stored on your server.

From October 2019, a cPanel license from BinaryLane will cost the following:

___1-5 accounts: $20 per month [no change]
__6-30 accounts: $30 per month [$10 increase]
_31-50 accounts: $40 per month [$20 increase]
51-100 accounts: $50 per month [$30 increase]
More than 100 accounts: +$10/month per block of 50 accounts

All values are in AUD and inclusive of GST.

To give a concrete example, say today you are paying BinaryLane $80 per month for your cPanel server and have 40 accounts. From October the monthly cost for this example server would be increased to $100 per month.


What is an account?

According to cPanel's licensing guide, "A cPanel Account often called a cPanel user, is an Account that logs into the cPanel interface to manage their website. The root administrator or reseller typically creates these Accounts."

From our testing in the licensing portal, it includes both suspended accounts and reseller accounts.

How can I see how many accounts I have?

One way is to log into WHM (on port 2087) and go to the "List Accounts" page, towards the top you will see a message like:

Showing 30 of 58 records. 

In this example, the server has 58 accounts.  On servers with relatively few accounts you might instead see:

Showing all 13 records.