BinaryLane cloud servers utilise post-paid billing accrued in hourly increments*. This means:

  1. When signing up with BinaryLane, there is no initial charge (although PayPal users are required to make a $5 deposit to open their account)
  2. From the point of server creation, until the server is cancelled (destroyed) each hour will be added to your account's Outstanding Balance (viewing under "Account" within our control panel).
  3. BinaryLane will periodically** invoice customers for their outstanding balance (spending-to-date); each invoice is due and payable immediately..

* Our prices are shown in per-hour and per-month, which are then scaled to the number of hours accrued. You will never pay more than the per-month value for a given calendar month.

** In general, each service will be invoiced monthly; however new customers may initially be invoiced more frequently until payment history is established.