We employ a post-paid billing model where charges are accrued in hourly increments.

  • Initial Account Setup

    • No Initial Charge: When signing up, there’s no immediate charge for creating a BinaryLane account, except for PayPal users who are required to make a $5 deposit.

    • Hourly Billing: From the moment your server is created, billing starts on an hourly basis until the server is cancelled. Each hour of accrued server usage will add to your account's overall outstanding balance, which you can view under the "Account" section in our control panel reflected as "Pending Charges".

      The hourly rate is prorated, meaning if a server costs $50 per month, the hourly cost is approximately $0.0694 (based on 30-day month).

    • Advertised prices: All prices that displayed on BinaryLane (unless stated otherwise) reflect as the monthly cost based on a 30-day month (720 hours).

  • Billing Frequency

    • Regular Customers: Typically, invoices are issued monthly.

    • New Customers: If you are a new customer, you may receive invoices more frequently (e.g., every 15 days) until a consistent payment history is established.

      Each invoice will detail the hours of accrued service usage and the corresponding charges. It is due and payable immediately upon receipt. You can view your invoices from the "Account" section in our control panel. Invoices are not generated (issued) until the end of a billing cycle.

  • Special Cases

    • Leap Years and Shorter/Longer Months: Billing adjustments are made for months with fewer or extra days. For instance, February has fewer hours, so the maximum charge adjusts accordingly. You can always review the hours of accrued usage for that particular usage cycle within your invoice(s).

    • Server Changes mid-cycle: If you upgrade or downgrade your server (change plan), the billable rates will be recalculated. The previous plan's charges will be itemised up to the point of change, and a new item will appear reflecting the accrued usage under the new plan. You will always be prompted to approve any new rates before changes take effect.