On your mPanel dashboard you will see your server's "Permalink":

The permalink is a randomly generated, two-word identifier assigned to each BinaryLane VPS.  During server provisioning this identifier is created as an "A" record in our DNS nameservers that maps to your assigned IP address. The permalink provides an automated, permanently resolvable hostname that is usable for the lifetime of the server and is easy to remember.

The primary intended uses for the permalink are:

  • use as a temporary hostname for servers that do not have their own resolvable hostname on your organization's domain name yet
  • use as a hostname for temporary and/or unimportant servers that you will never assign a resolvable name
  • use as a permanent hostname for customers who do not own, or wish to use, their own domain name

The permalink (e.g. "banjo-phrase.bnr.la") resolves to the IP address of the server, and so can be used anywhere you would otherwise be required to enter an IP address. Some examples include:
  • You currently connect to your server via SSH by entering the IP address, which can be hard to remember if you have a number of servers.  Each permalink follows a standard pattern (word1-word2.bnr.la) and thus is easier to remember than an IP address like
  • You have developed a proof-of-concept website and would like to share it with friends and colleagues, a test URL like http://banjo-phrase.bnr.la/ is more professional than
  • Your organization has the policy that each server should be given a unique, meaningless name as per https://namingschemes.com/ .  The BinaryLane permalink fulfills this role automatically.
  • You are connecting multiple BinaryLane servers. By setting each server's "search domain" to bnr.la , you can use the unqualified word1-word2 instead of IP addresses when connecting individual services.

When purchasing a BinaryLane server if you choose to leave the "Hostname" blank, the assigned permalink will be used as the server's hostname and PTR record.