Yes. DNS hosting facilities are available to all BinaryLane customers. To begin using BinaryLane's DNS hosting, you must enter your DNS records in our web-based editor. It is located at:

Our nameservers are:


Our system supports the following record types:
  • A records (IPv4 addresses)
  • AAAA records (IPv6 addresses)
  • CNAME (domain alias)
  • TXT 
  • CAA
  • SRV
  • MX (mail servers)

The time-to-live (TTL) is:
  • 1 hour for all DNS Hosting records.
  • 12 hours for VPS and dedicated server PTR ("reverse DNS") records.

Our system does not support DNSSEC records.

Domain names that require DNSSEC should not be transferred into, or registered via BinaryLane.