Method 1: This method assumes you know the names and passwords of the accounts on the Windows server that you want to change. It also works on all Windows versions.

Step 1: Press the key combination Ctrl-Alt-End and select Change Password... when the dialogue box appears.

Windows Server 2008 Example:


Windows Server 2003 Example:


Step 2: Enter the username and current password for the account, then enter the new password you want in third and fourth both fields. Click OK (Server 2003) or the arrow (Server 2008) to confirm the change.

Windows Server 2008 Example:


Windows Server 2003 Example:


Method 2: To change the Administrator, or any other account's password on your Windows server read the instructions for your Windows server version below

Windows Server 2008

Step 1: In 'Start' Menu click on 'Control Panel'.


Step 2: In 'Control Panel' window click on 'User Accounts' icon.


Step 3: In 'User Accounts' window click on 'Change your password' link.


Step 4:

  • In 'Change your Password' window set 'Current password' to the password you currently use to log on.
  • Enter your new password in the 'New Password' text box.
  • Retype your new password in 'Confim password' text box to confirm it.


Windows Server 2003

Step 1. Click Start, right-click 'Administrative Tools', and then click 'Open'.


Step 2. Double-click 'Computer Management'


Step 3. Click 'Local Users and Groups', and in the details pane, 'double-click Users'.


Step 4. In the details pane, right-click the account that you want to change, and click 'Set Password'. A warning dialog box opens. Read the information to determine whether you want to proceed with the step to change the password.


Step 5. In 'New Password', type a password. In 'Confirm password', retype the password, and then click 'OK'.