This article provides basic information regarding remote desktop licensing on BinaryLane servers.

Important note:  BinaryLane offers several versions of Windows Server for server subscriptions, which have differing support for Remote Desktop per user CALs.

Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 support RD per user CALs in Active Directory environments only. RD per user CALs are not supported in Workgroup environments on Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022.

Windows Server 2016 supports RD per user CALs in Workgroup environments, and in Active Directory environments.

If you intend to use a workgroup environment on your server with RD user CALs, Windows Server 2016 should be selected as the server's operating system.

Customers can purchase remote desktop user licenses for their BinaryLane Windows servers for $10 per user license per month. Remote desktop user licenses can be purchased when creating a Windows server, or at any time later using the change plan page in mPanel.

If you have purchased additional Remote Desktop user licenses with your BinaryLane Windows server, BinaryLane staff will require an administrator level account on the server to manage remote desktop licence key packs, and install remote desktop services as necessary. The server will be rebooted during remote desktop services installation. 

Please refer to the following article for instructions on how to create an administrator level account for BinaryLane staff to manage remote desktop license key packs on your server -

Create an Administrator account for BinaryLane RD license management

Important note: As an unmanaged service, BinaryLane will not log into any server to perform administrative tasks, investigate and troubleshoot issues, or for any other reason except for the sole purpose of managing remote desktop license key packs purchased from BinaryLane.

If you need some guidance on the number of remote desktop user licenses your server needs, please read -

How many remote desktop licenses are needed?

If you're unsure of the resources your server will need to support concurrent remote desktop users, please read -

Recommended server resources for concurrent Remote Desktop users

If BinaryLane staff have installed a remote desktop license key pack on your server, and you need to add user accounts and grant them remote desktop access, please refer to -

Add a user account and grant remote desktop access