If you have purchased additional Remote Desktop user licenses with your BinaryLane Windows server, BinaryLane staff will require an administrator level account on the server to manage remote desktop licence key packs as necessary.

Important note:  BinaryLane offers several versions of Windows Server for server subscriptions, which have differing support for Remote Desktop per user CALs.

Windows Server 2019 supports RD per user CALs in Active Directory environments only. RD per user CALs are not supported in Workgroup environments on Windows Server 2019.

Windows Server 2016 supports RD per user CALs in Workgroup environments, and in Active Directory environments.

As an unmanaged service, BinaryLane will not log into any server to perform administrative tasks, investigate and troubleshoot issues, or for any other reason except for the sole purpose of managing remote desktop license key packs purchased from BinaryLane.

Proceed through the following steps to create a new user account on Windows Server for BinaryLane and grant it Administrator privileges.

  1. Log into your server as an Administrator, and click the Windows logo on the bottom left of the screen
  2. Start typing 'computer management' and click Computer Management when the search results are displayed
  3. On the Computer Management window, click Local Users and Groups
  4. Right-click Users then select New User
  5. Enter the user name binarylane and the description BinaryLane RD licensing management account
  6. Enter a strong unique password, and again to confirm the password
  7. Make a note of the password you entered, as you'll need to provide it to BinaryLane support
  8. Click Create (close the New User window if it remains open)
  9. Open Groups in the Local Users and Groups section of the Computer Management window
  10. Double-click Administrators then click Add
  11. Enter binarylane in the bottom field and click OK
  12. Click OK again on the next window

Once the above steps have been completed, reply to the 'Remote Desktop SAL License Information' email and let us know that the account has been created, and provide the password.