The Partner Server feature is designed to enhance redundancy and fault tolerance for your critical applications by ensuring that two servers with the same core purpose are not located on the same host-node. A host-node is an underlying server that houses individual Virtual Private Servers (VPSs). Using this feature mitigates the risk of compounding VPS failures by preventing both servers from being affected by a single host-node failure.

A partner server is typically a second server that shares the same core purpose as the first. For instance, two web servers operating behind a load balancer would be considered partner servers because they perform the same function.

It is not mandatory for both servers to serve the same purpose to use the Partner Server feature. You can use this feature to ensure that the designated partner server is not deployed on the same host-node, thereby enhancing the operational continuity of your services in the event of a host-node failure.

Benefits of using the Partner Server feature:

  • Enhanced Redundancy: By ensuring that partner servers are not co-located on the same host node, the feature enables better fault tolerance.
    • In the event of a host-node failure, only one of the partner servers will be affected while the other remains operational.


  • Its not guaranteed that your server will end up on a different host-node, however, our system's will do their best to accommodate this configuration.
  • If a partner is assigned and is currently co-located with the primary server, a live migration will be queued to separate them.
  • Each server can have exactly one partner. For example, you cannot configure a set of three web servers to ensure that none of them are co-located.
  • Setting a partner server automatically updates the selected partner to ensure reciprocal partnership.
  • Removing a partner will update the previously selected partner to have no partner.

Setting up a Partner Server:

To enable the Partner Server feature, follow these steps:

  • Log into your BinaryLane account (Login | BinaryLane Australia)

  • Navigate to your server within the mPanel

  • Select the settings icon (⚙️) next to your server name

  • Click on the option ` - Set Partner` and choose the server you want to set as the partner

  • Press `Save and Apply` to finalise the changes

Once set, our systems will ensure that the partner servers are not co-located on the same host-node and perform the necessary changes to accommodate this requirement.


If you require assistance, feel free to submit a support ticket at our helpdesk here: Submit a ticket | BinaryLane