Occasionally things go wrong and your services might become inaccessible. The following guide will fix most common problems with a VPS:

  1. Log into the control panel and confirm the VPS is running. If not it may have been inadvertently stopped or shut down, in which case simply click restart the VPS. 
  2. From the control panel, check the Rescue Console. It will present what is happening on your VPSs console directly to you, allowing you to check for error messages and fix any issues. Most issues can be solved from within the Rescue Console.
  3. If the VPS is running but not responsive, try rebooting it.
  4. If the reboot doesn't fix the problem (or your system doesn't reboot), try a power cycle. This is akin to forcibly turning a system off and should be considered a last resort. 
  5. If your VPS is still not responding, please contact support so we can investigate.